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Another update/New Awakening stuff

I believe I may have got rather drunk last night. I further believe that I may have had good reason to. At least I slept well. I also believe there was talk of lnding people books, but I can't remember at this juncture which ones.

grendelsmere has offered her place for torchball making. Time to mine some data and work out who will be attending on Sunday. I need to do a lot with the info I have. Might as well get on to it once I finish here. Being able to concentrate would be a bonus, I believe.

I have the third Doom Patrol trade. It's insane and good. Speaking of insane and good comics, does anyone remember PARAsites (from the pages of 200AD)? It was published sometime in the mid-90's... somewhere between 94 and 96. I no longer have the damn things, got shut of them long ago, and I'm beginning to wonder if I invented the whole thing. Which would be a pity, as I remember it being great.

Irn Bru brings the world into focus. Slowly, and with my brain still jumping around like a rat on speed.

The Rules:

Most of them are the same as Awakening. Differences follow:

Primary Arcana is granted dependant on the character's Point. Secondary Arcana is granted by Watchtower. Table follows:

WillPrimeGolden KeyForcesIron GauntletMind
FormSpacePerfect GeometryMatterShining TesseractFate
SpiritSpiritStone BookFateShadowed BladeDeath
CycleFateLunargent ThistleTimeBurning WheelSpace
WorldMatterSapphire GlobeLifeLead CoinDeath

Both Arcana count as primary Arcana for rules purposes.

Improvised casting costs no Mana. Other effects that cost Mana are subject to revision - Is there a good reason to cost mana beyond "game balance"? If not, it doesn't cost Mana.

Only the Atlantean Heresy can use runes to extend duration.

Free Council characters should create two Oblations that fit with the character's Path and magical style, and and choose a "mystical" language & magical gestures that fits with your chosen magical style.

Rote Skills/magical tools to follow. These are entirely Order based, though suggestions for Path and Style also work.
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