Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven


So, since last I updated, I have:

Cooked up a basic regexp parser in Excel VB (a form of intense torture that should never have happened).

Accomplished deadlines at work.

Got over halfway through the redlines before my creativity died last night

Arranged location & Zeb for the next Torchie/Steward meet (keep fingers crossed that we can get it).

Tried getting in touch with Novatech again (to no avail, but at least I tried).

To do tonight: A pint in the Grovesnor, up to the castle for the tech walkthrough, then meet back up with akicif's birthday pub-crawl when that's done. Then sleep. I knew I'd been forgetting something this week.

Treo has died again. Bastard batteries, give me Tesla beamed electricity any day.
Tags: life, update

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