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Got my first meal of yesterday at around midnight, after having enough time between returning from work and heading to the prod meeting to toast a slice of bread. Sat there with a kebab, I recall being more than a little agressive at people. My apologies for that.

Spool forwards to five this morning. My eyes alight on the Demonclock once more, but this time it's not the glowing red bastard's fault. Well, not directly. Then my ears slowly wake up.

Beep beep beep stab beep beep stab beep stabbity GOODNESS!!! beep

Needless to say, the smoke alarm will have a new battery before I sleep tonight. Also have bills to pay and people to telephone. Which annoys me. Why this week? Why do these things happen on the really busy weeks. I remember having weeks when I was almost bored, and I'd have loved something to do before heading to the pub, but no. Only when I'm busy.

KJs tonight. Time to take the stewarding plan out of Command & Conquer and in to Natural Selection, I think. I have to think more. Then walkthrough for stewards/torchies Wednesday, H&S briefing Thursday, then Friday I write like a motherfucker and go to the pub. Saturday is WLAMF and pub and possibly some form of party. Sunday is WLAMF and some form of night out. Then Monday.

If I survive Monday, I'll be amazed. I also expect to be far, far too drunk to move on Tuesday.
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