Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

No more

I believe my desktop is dying. Sounds like it's eating the hard disk at random points. And the bloody laptop is refusing to save for some reason. I think I may need to scorched-earth it tomorrow... fucking 'Doze. I do not have the time for this shit. I must not dwell on that as well or I dread to think of the consequences.

In my alcohol sodden dreams last night (a state aided and abetted by fenland, tehblahhh, theauldhoose, beer, Addlebrains, and my ex-bottle of Blackwoods), aliens used the Samhuinn procession as a landing site and started killing performers. Fortunately, they were vulnerable to fire, and I had my torchies on my side.

That is one of the most surreal Counterstrike-esque dreams I have ever had.

Last night also produced both a title and a character: "Artemis Hemmingway and the Science-Zombies of JCMB!" Soon to be followed by "Artemis Hemmingway and the Lost Booze of Atlantis!" I tell you, AH titles practically write themselves. Give it a go yourself, I want more situations in which to thrust this cross of Doc Savage and Withnail. It'll distract me.
Tags: random, writing

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