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Crackmonkey in my brain has wanted me to re-read the Invisibles repeatedly for the past few days. Finally got around to some (out of order, of course). And I'm having ideas. Lots of ideas. Parallel-processing brains, van-Eck phreaking neural scatter as a form of basic telepathy, and the oncoming change of the future. And then, there's the quote. The one thing that sums it all up, really.

"What really happened? What really happens next?"
"That bird starts singing, you think about how big and inescapable the house and the business are, and how hard it seems to change any of it. Then it all changes, like everything else."
"What is this? Zen Buddhism?"
"No. Twenty tons of TNT. This is what it feels like."

Never a judge; a witness instead. And believe me that's a harder job.
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