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Productive Day

I woke up at half seven today. On a bloody Saturday. Didn't even have my alarm clock on, just eyes snap open and there you go. Instant wakefulness. Given that it's a Saturday I did laze in bed while eleven, so I got some rest in addition to the three and a half hours of sleep.

Today's been spent being productive. 2500 words, when I initially thought I was out of ideas. Lots of laundry done. Several cups of coffee consumed. And tonight, a feast to go to. Unffortunately, this means I miss out on purplerabbits' vodka-tasting session (a bugger, as some of them sound incredibly nice). Fortunately, I've been reliably informed that there will be another. In the meantime I may have to get a bottle of decent stuff and some decent beans. $coffee_vodka++

Despite the ramblings incurred by sleepdep and hangovers, I'm getting back to normal post-Samhuinn. Which is good. Now, if my head can stay this way long enough for me to finish this project and move on to getting the ideas out of it after that, I'll be happy. Especially as the snippet needs a lot of expanding.

Fuck. I just remembered that I need to complete Shattered City by the end of the year. If not, it'll have taken me more than a year to write. Given that it's going to be about 10K total, that's really rather worrying.
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