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Disturbing. I got more than enough sleep last night to both avoid hallucinations and be a functional human being, and I got done what I needed to get done at work as well. I was suitably impressed. I'm even still awake. This is disturbing. And there will be coctails soon enough.

Have a meme:

If you didn't know anyone on your friends list but read it purely by how interesting you find what that person posts, who would you read? Why would you read them?

Cap it out at ten.

bramcohen - Interesting snippets of mathematics and theory that never fail to make me wonder how he came to the conclusions he did, and leave me back-tracing the logic. For fun.

dgg - Insane-sounding quotes from a normal life, I read Marc for the same reason I read Mil Millington: Snapshots, captured in a single exchange that demonstrate that everyone else on the planet is crazy.

etherlab - RPG stuff that fires my brain.

eyebeams - Interesting and occasionally controversial gaming and politics, written in such a way that when I don't agree I want to be able to explain why.

figg - Boiling down the random links days before they hit any of my other sources. Also a good source of ideas that I can later work through.

fistofhelios - Lots of people write about their day on LJ. Very few people manage to make it actively interesting. Though being posted half a planet away from his home country and being in the USAF may have something to do with that.

gominokouhai - The condensed essence of ranting, demonstrating how what other people consider to be small things really should have someone going over the top because of them.

jachilli - I don't agree with the majority of what Justin posts. That doesn't stop it raising a few chuckles even so.

legless123 - The master of old "Things that happened when I was drunk" stories. One day I hope to have stories half as good as his.

silverfeet - UK politics, in a sane rant fashion. While I don't necessarily agree with her, it's still fun to read from the point of view of a (now lapsed) political ranter.


Behind on wordcount because of last night (short form: far too little sleep this past week... Wednesday was the only night I had more than four and a half hours), but I've got today's ideas out of my head and am catching up. I'll still hit the deadline, which is the most important thing. Then, then I can relax. (rather: then I can stagger in to work for a time-shifted thirteen hour shift, leave at one in the afternoon, and go get thoroughly cunted).
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