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I made the mistake of letting slip to my workmates that I'm a writer as well as a wage-slave.

If I were to put together a reader, a collection of 4-6 shorts from everything I've thrown out (including the not-yet-edited-stuff as well as stories on, formatted for print so I can hand it to colleagues, what should be in it? I'm leaning away from obviously meta stuff where I'm only playing with a style and genre, I'd rather include stories that other people appreciated.

When I get home, I'll trawl the archive and y You can use the Fiction tag to find them. Until then, s Suggestions from memory and descriptions are fine.

Suggestions in the comments, please.

Current List:
  1. City of Silence
  2. And Nothing... But The Truth
  3. --
  4. --
  5. [--]
  6. [--]
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