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Fiction tag

My Fiction tag now has 75 are stories listed.

Seventy-five fucking stories. All the way from All Available Light, the first thing here. I'd point out highligts, (and I can think of a few... me doing Wodehouse, f'rex) but I'd be biased.

My real gripe with the tagging system is linked to history: You can't skip back more than 60 entries before you hit straight calendar. If I add more to the tag, then the tag page stops showing the earliest stories.

It's remaining static for now. I'm moving to using Fiction 2 for the next 75 stories, I think. A fair bit of vol. 1 of my writing has been cleaned up and sits on my main site, but there's still a hell of a lot more that hasn't sat around.

Comments disabled. I'd much rather see suggestions for inclusion in a collection for people at work/random download/random leaving around places for free publicity. You can do that here.
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