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Wot I Done On My Weekend

Not much interesting, I have to say.

Friday was supposed to be a day off work, but that didn't happen. Roll in about eleven and spend four hours figuring out why my damn program wasn't working as well as it should be. About this, I was not chuffed. But on the other hand, I got it working and was able to leave by three. If I were sensible, I'd have gone to sleep, but no. Not for me. Head home, grabbing braincrack on the way. Phoned Novatech and finally got my stuff sorted (I hope). Ate far too much, as documented, and then hopped a taxi to be back in work for just before eleven. Worked through from eleven while three-ish in the morning, getting everything ready and doing preliminary stuff. Boss gave me a lift to the airport Hilton along with the rest of the team so we could crash out for a couple of hours. I finally got to sleep at half three.

Half five and I'm awake. Ten to six, I meet the rest in the lobby and we head back to work. Brekky at work and on with getting more sorted, working solidly through some problems and yet more tweaks to the program from Friday's first session at work. Things went right, things went wrong, and I generally kept busy. Got out sometime just before two. Did I head home to bed? Did I hell. I headed for the St. James Centre for the Bananaphone Flashmob. First one I've been involved in, and the security staff there were royally confused. They didn't tell us to move on, and I await pictures to see precisely how it looked. It was insane enough for me.

Sleepdep + caffeine caught me at the Cafe Royal over coffee, then off to the German Market for glühwein and a general wander. And apparently a very dodgy conversation with policemen far too close. Not that they noticed, or if they did I probably had a flashing "This man is technically insane, please ignore him" sign above my head. Pub for food and caffeine, then home for long enough to glance at LJ and wonder what I was playing at. I forget what happened then, for obvious reasons. The next thing I'm sure on was heading to the pub again, drinking caffeine and meeting people. People arrived and we buggered off to Ascension. Lots of bleep early on, though the people and the scraps of good music made up for it (the joys of a conversation consisting only of the word "beard"). Finally headed off about ten to three in the morning for blissful sleep.

Today's been easy. Wake up, laze about, find that I'm actually slowly relaxing. Which is odd. Hit the pub for breakfast and more conversation, then back to the flat. Cue random discussion and urge to play video games again, which I indulged by reinstalling Hostile Waters. And that brings the tale of the Fucking Short and Sleepdepped Weekend to a close.

Random coincidence: My work phone number ends in 512. My room at the hotel was 256. Powers of two have been showing up in my life outside of a computational context for a while, and I wonder how far they'll carry on appearing.
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