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Reader contents

Further to the post soliciting contents, I think I've worked out what's going to go in the reader, and on formats. Bear in mind that it's intended as an introductory thing, so I want to go for a range of styles and genres, and that it'll be read by people I work with — including my boss, who's in training to be a minister, so I'd rather not include anything too offensive.

  1. City of Silence
  2. I Met Myself Today At Tescos
  3. Cyberpunk Nanofic
  4. And Nothing... But The Truth
  5. Rossum's Universal Arts and Crafts
  6. Modern Horror Nanofic
  7. God Lay Dying
  1. PDF collection (2 files, formatted for screen and page)
  2. Hardcopy (printout of the page-PDF)
  3. HTML
  4. PalmDoc of some kind
  5. ASCII text
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