Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Notes to Self

* Falling asleep on the bus is a bad thing. In addition to feeling like you've eaten a bird's nest, you also generally end up with at least one leg going numb and the urge to shave your teeth. And don't count on interacting with reality for a good ten minutes, that wake-up is a right fucking pain.

* If, when writing a story, what you are writing starts scaring you, do not consume a third of a litre of vodka while continuing to write. You will be far too paranoid to sleep at a sensible time. Depending on the story, this can make things even worse.

* Stop worrying about a title for your damn collection. The stories will carry themselves, you don't need a punchy title to get people who are already interested to read it. Worry about non-net distribution and publicity first.

* Need yet more bloody user-photos. Bad enough that all the ones I have are at least a year old (this one's six months, but is of me without beard). The beard must be seen!

Back to work...

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