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Monday, bloody Monday

At work with my brain being slow. On the other hand, it's had good reason after this weekend. Champions and Gigantor on Saturday, actual sleep on Sunday and a brief stop at Neon to be assaulted by noise and dangerously normal people. Bah.

Next weekend looks the same, what with stuffs on Friday, neidfire Saturday, vodka tasting Saturday evening, and the possibility of other stuff later on, and then... I think I might sleep right through Sunday. This last one reminded me how nice it was to spend over eight hours in a bed; a rare occurance at the best of times.

Rest of world appears quiet, though I've been getting e-mail from the mutant rats in Belfast. Apparently they want some tips for staying safe when banking online. I got their passwords when I told them I could check their accounts for them. Hence, I'm off on a spending spree. They may be big and hard enough to play tig with busses, but they're not exactly bright.

If you were called "Thaddeus Q. Weetabix", what kind of arch-villain would you be? How about "Baron Aubergine von Lederhosen"? Any particularly amusing suggestions may work their way into an Artemis Hemmingway story if ever I can get the damn things off paper and on to elections.

Right. Off to be bored by an un-moving flist. And hit Amazon with those rats' bank details.
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