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Mage game and work

The timestamps on my posts have been an hour fast ever since Daylight Savings kicked in. Windows decided to advance my clock by an hour arbitrarily, and I didn't notice until earlier. That sucks. Need to fix it. Sometime soon.

My Mage game went ahead. I think we're averaging one session every two weeks after the break. Now Hafs has bowed out, I think that's going to increase. I took over cooking duties from stormys, making up some damn nice chicken wrapped in bacon with pasta. And, contrary to my other post about "cooking", this was proper cooking. Nothing pre-made save the sauce for the pasta. And it was good. The game itself was fun. The first real fight scene since we started (in October), and it was a lot of fun.Vast coolness points to John and Chris both. Of course, now they need to metaphorically deal with the Devil to save a friend's life. I'm going to write up the game as a starter chronicle once we've finished, along with what I was thinking at each point versus what each player was thinking at said points.

I need to get my CogSci assignment written. As far as I can see, it's a case of defining my terms in precise forms, placing arguments that should really include a couple of bases, and then running with it as far as I can. It's a 3000 word paper on whether consciousness is needed for intelligence. I'm going to have a hard time keeping under 4K words. If anyone's interested, I can send a copy your way after the deadline. So, time to brew coffee.

I've been walking and taking pictures today. Got through a roll of 35mm of architecture that is evocative of what I want to do with this game concept. I'd forgotten how therapeutic it was to just walk, looking for places and people that spoke to me and snapping pictures of them. Fortunately, I have a nice camera. It's older than I am, as far as I know a wedding present to my dad. A Nikon EM 35mm SLR, with an alternate zoom lens. I saw one second-hand on holiday for the princely sum of £150. I was impressed. Of course, my dad having his digital, he's on a kick with that so I inherited this one, and I love it. The smooth slide of the focusing wheel, checking the light levels before shooting to get the aperture right, all of that. Say what you like about digital cameras, I'll always love this SLR.

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