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Update of the sleeping man

Got home from the day of Hell with the intention of sleeping before heading to the living room for a social pint or three. My initial plans had been waylaid on account of being mugged by Blackwells, though I now have proof that people will get the hell out of one's way if one happens to be buried in a paperback and walking at my usual (fast) speed. Even through the crowd at Lidl bus stop, where I normally have to maim three people just to make a point... impressive.

Of course, when I found that Novatech had finally, after two fucking months, sent back the kit that they'd been holding on to, I had to see if it would work. So much for sleep. There's something so relaxing about tearing a computer apart and swapping the guts around. After the requisite blood sacrifice, I gave it a shot. Boom. It works! It works!! Now, I need to bug spudtater about getting Debian working on an Athlon 64. But that can come later.

Headed to pub, where I was zombified at people for a while. Saw the Iron Bitch was in hospital (not dead yet, unfortunately), cheered, had my social three pints, and left far too early in order to pass out. For almost eight beautiful hours. I don't feel like shit at work, and this is a true surprise.

Thatcher's not dead yet. Fuck.

Supposedly meeting ophiuchus for pool and beer after work. He doesn't know that he can't smoke in the work-subsidised bar. This should be very entertaining...
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