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Thatcher Gets Better; World in Mourning

Did I see one newspaper with that headline? Did I bollocks...

Tonight has been putting the finishing touches to a couple of things, and working out some more things. Things that I need more time to work on before I'll let the world see the fruits of my labours. It was a night of not-quite-writing, as evinced by spending an hour in the pub with a title and some vague ideas that refused to merge together. There's a statue in that marble somewhere. Knowing me, it'll be a duck. A coherent duck, I hope.

The tech-gods dislike me. The hard drive I was going to use for boot purposes has shagged itself rather terminally. I hate the thought of running with just one. Time to see what the cheapest I can grab that works is. Or fly with just one for a while, no matter how much I dislike the idea. We shall have to see.

Now to see if I can replicate the sleeping thing that last night managed.
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