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Can't Stop Moving

Finally got out of my work clothes at four thirty this morning. Work->German Market->Tav->Hoose->Party in the name of grendelsmere's birthday. I could describe more, but I'm still a bit hung over.

Up at eleven, and away to Redhall for firestarting. Well, smoke-starting. We did have a chance to whittle a set of tools (out of a slightly larger set of tools, naturally) and basically work things out from a few websites. We now have tools, and have managed to make smoke. Then we stood around and cooked sausages over a real fire. Mmmm, sausages. Sausages and Bru. And the smell of woodsmoke.

Of course, now I have to go and attend a flavoured vodka tasting. You know, because these things need to be done. There's a reasonable chance that I will spend Sunday dead for tax reasons. We shall see how the world goes. On the other hand, if people aren't working I may see about a trip to North Berwick. Who knows? Not I.

Pub for food, then on to vodka. Can't stop moving.
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