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HDD Blues

After three hours of slicing my fingers open on various configurations of master/slave hard drives, I've found that the problem wasn't with the 40GB creature at all.

It was with the fucking 250GB. The 250GB that's about three months out of any kind of warranty. It's not the £100 (at time of purchase), that's nothing. It's the 150GB of music, video, websites, programs, and stories that were on there. Given what's been going on with the machine, I believe I don't have a current backup of just about anything.

I need to work out how much I can salvage. I need to work this out badly. I know I should be able to get something back. But that's for tomorrow.

Tonight I need a fucking pint.

EDIT: After a pint, a whisky, some reflection, and some discussion with figg, the sensible thing to do would be to work out what exactly I've lost.
  • Music
  • Quite a bit. Four, five gigs or so. Though to be honest, about three gig dates back to the original Napster, and isn't anything I'd listen to now. Old death metal and the like. I always meant to tighten things up and get rid of what I didn't listen to. Now I've not got to. Probably a bonus overall, since I just need to track down what I've lost but still listened to.
  • Video
  • Nothing I can't download again. It's getting the time to do so that's a fucker more than anything. That and finding that the torrents may have vanished. I did watch a fair bit of it rather regularly, which annoys me. Oh well.
  • Web stuff
  • Copies of and are easy to source (log in and download the source). The majority of my bookmarks are online. Given that my main site needs a revamp anyway, I've not really lost anything.
  • Writing
  • My fiction and articles are all here or on my palmtop. All of the writing that I've done for cash, has copies on kingmob. What I've lost boils down to older stuff. Copies of forum threads. Random snippets of stories that never went anywhere. A couple of stabs at RPG design. Oh, and everything I did and saved prior to getting an LJ. All my university work, for starters, and lots of things I'd saved for purposes of nostalgia. Chat logs, game transcripts, little things like that. Every application letter I've ever sent, along with every copy of my CV. All up in smoke. Which I find rather disconcerting.
  • Config
  • Configs and preferences for everything. Easy to fix up, if I remember how to use man and Google. No worries there.
So apart from a fair bit of nostalgia and some (at the time) expensive hardware, I've not lost anything I can't replace. Which is, in a way, heartening.
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