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Weekend Snapshot

TNAC last night was rather a lot of fun. Way of All Flesh were good (better when playing other people's tracks, but that's just me) but as dragal23 notes they're much better live than on CD. Screaming Banshee Aircrew kicked all kinds of arse. Prolonged periods of dancing etc. did cause friction burn from the lump that is my Treo. Of course, I didn't discover that until waking up. original_aj acted as a pushed for moustache wax, which may heve been cause of excess twirling. New coat worked well at doing the "keeping warm" thing, new boots did good at the "several hours dancing without getting blisters" thing. Apparently, I have the ability to make DJs play non-bleepy-shite by asking them. Not asking them nicely, of course, that'd be going too far.

Random aside: Worked out this morning that everything apart from my t-shirt and boxers (and collar) last night had been bought in various army surplus places. I wonder if this is getting to be a trend...

In other news, shopping for gifts is almost done. Brother and dad, at any rate. Everyone else gets done tomorrow. Dad was his usual easy self to buy for, and my bro was the reason I was in the army surplus place in the first place. That and to pick up a decent pair of boots so that parents don't have to guess style and size. The coat was icing on the cake, given the cold and the price of it. Successful, if expensive, shopping trip, and thus worth all of it.

Tomorrow is rest of shopping and buying ticket to Down South. Solstice feast is Tuesday (purplerabbits is giving me a wench for my stint on the door, I've promised not to butter her. The kitchens need that butter.) Wednesday is something, either pub or feeding nutmeg addiction or something. Thursday is Not Being At Work Day of tidying up and getting ready to go and probably a quick one to remember the fine beer up here while I'm gone. Friday is Heading Down South Day.
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