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Not for Good Behaviour

Time off, at last. The couple of days for Samhuinn doesn't count, as that was all intentional and spent doing such things as building stages, carrying fire, and recovering. This is a day off with nothing to do. Well, nothing but reflect.

Back home tomorrow afternoon. Train leaves at four. Then, I get to spend a few wonderful[0] days at home, dealing with family and people and not smoking. It's a family occasion, so it's free living for four days, free food and free wine with the occasion meals. But it's also being around family, in a place that I know is near-terminally bad for my head. I think I'm going to write a lot, though if any of it is good enough even for the slushpile of this journal remains to be seen.

It's weird, thinking that I've been here ten months. Unlike every other time, I've no plans to bugger off elsewhere any time soon. But then again, better to get that out of the way before I officially turn into an Old Man[1] next year.

Now, all I need is something to do while I'm sat here. I can't waste all the day, you know.

[0]: For certain, specialised, values of the word
[1]: For values of "old" that just about nobody in my immediate peer group would agree with
Tags: pointless rambling

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