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Well, yesterday was fun. Trip into Hanley. I dunno why, but going round Stoke always makes me feel the way I want characters in this game to feel, looking out over run-down housing estates and shopping parks trying too hard to be too modern. Almost listless, in it's own way, but with a hint of melancholia. The kind of feeling everyone knows but nobody can describe. Reading up on the events of the years I'm covering scares me to think I was living in that country when it was going on.

Workwise, I've made a breakthrough. But if anyone can come up with a good reason why modulo exponentiation can't be broken down into modulo reduction after applying each of the multiplicands, please let me know, as that's going to break something major. But I shall bore those without technical knowledge no longer.

One thing I have noticed is that whenever I'm working, I go through salt and vinegar Squares[1] like nobody's business. This is a problem, as it's an expensive addiction. Still, what the hell.

Bear situation: Rugged and manly. Pictures to follow at some point.

[1]: A kind of crisp over here
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