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Upping (Jack) Ketch

Or something. I'm still a bit Joycean from yesterday, and I've no idea what to start with. coaldustcanary's back home safe and sound, which is good. These visits aren't long enough at all.I ended up spending about 24 hours awake, from getting up to passing out; the latter after drinking with gominokouhai and scattergather and Harvey.

Took an abortive wander to the Inland Revenue earlier, one of the things I had to do so I didn't go stir crazy. They were handing out appointments for everything non-urgent or non-trivial, and the earliest other people were getting was Monday morning. I'll do what I can by post for now, I think.

I've also done a terrible thing and trimmed (not shaved) my beard. The trimmer goes far too close, and there's nowhere near the length I like, but it needed doing if only to keep the bastard thing in check. I'm not looking 12 yet, though, my chin still has its heater.

Work tomorrow. Dunno how I'll handle it after a fully crammed two weeks of not thinking about it at all, and after the effects of yesterday. Shite, that means I need to iron some trousers. This is less than optimal.

Will get around to a new year post when I get some things clear in my head. Have some other things to postregarding what I need toget sorted, but not tonight.

Time to stop being vague and random and get me to a pub.
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