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2005, finally

Doing this the same way as figg. Small words, chronological order.

Start the year up in Edinburgh, drinking and writing. Start as you mean to go on.
I handed in my notice at my old job. My boss looked distraught. I grinned.
I got a flat in Edinburgh.
I told people that I quit my job because I had a better one in Edinburgh, ending lots of secrecy.
My notice period at work was spent writing and hacking together game ideas.
Moved into flat here, started job, and generally felt better than I had at home.
Became a torchbearer for Beltane.
Spent the latter half of May and my birthday in the US with coaldustcanary.
Came back and realised how many people I knew up here.
Didn't get to watch much of the G8 riots due to working.
Went home for the first time since moving, and hated it.
Thought for a day that I was going to be arrested for the murder of grendelsmere.
Was published for the first time (in a gaming book, but even so).
Got two more writing contracts.
Organised torchbearers and stewards for Samhuinn while working on the above contracts.
Worked a 55-hour week for the first and (hopefully) last time.
Introduced the world to Artemis Hemingway.
Spent most of December drunk.
Went down south for Christmas and carried on the tradition.
Back home to meet coaldustcanary.
Spent the new year thoroughly pickled.
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