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Things to Do

They're late, and they're not resolutions, because frankly resolutions make little sense. I'm going to blatantly steal from artbroken:

There are three kinds of New Year's resolutions:

1 - Stop doing something you really want to stop doing. Sod resolutions, just stop.

2 - Start doing something you really want to start doing. Sod resolutions, just start.

3 - Stop doing something you actually want to keep doing, but feel like you oughtn't do/want for some wacky reason. Sod that, life's too bloody short and boring already.

Bugger goals. Act. Or don't, and don't worry about it.

I will say however that I think he's wrong on one point. "Bugger goals" is a fine sentiment when one is partaking in a year of setup for the big things, like last year was (my "goals" for last year had all been achieved by the time 2005 started). I have a list of goals I'm going for this year.

1. Get published, fucker — Not to denigrate RPG writing, but I don't want that to be the sum total of my work that other people value enough to print. I've been writing less due to moving and contracts, but that doesn't destroy my need to write. I aim to get a bare minimum of one non-RPG thing published this year, through a non-vanity press. Which practically means sending off a short story to Analog or Interzone or wherever.

2. Year of war — I used to be physically fit, indeed there was a point when I didn't have any form of beer gut and I actually had upper body strength. This is when I was still very much into martial arts and kicking the shit out of things really worked. This year, I'm going to get back into that. I've talked about it a few times, but my goal is at least one belt under my (metaphorical) belt by the end of the year, perhaps more.

3. Exploding heads — I get stressed easily. This turns into one of two things: anger or depression. My standard way of medicating both of these things is with booze. I'm becoming more and more aware that this isn't the way to go. I want a chance to get drunk without the stress or depression. I know it happens, it's just too rare at present. Hence, I'm going to change that.

I was trying to think of more, but to be honest those are the three major goals I've got for the year forthcoming. Time to get to work.
Tags: looking forwards to looking back

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