Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Miles to Go Before I Sleep

Feeling disturbingly sane. This could well be on account of having done that eating thing, and that sleeping thing as well. I thought it might just have been contact antidepressants from protocol_rain, but it transpired I was wrong.

Didn't sleep much last night, but it doesn't seem to matter. Which is a good thing. Though being unable to concentrate when discussing weapons-grade mathematics is probably a bad idea.

The more I think about things, the more I realise that I've been surrounded by people from Norn Iron for a while. This may well explain some things.

I need a new phone. I've had the Treo for 20 months now, longest I've ever had a phone (and now part of me wants to enumerate and compare the mobile tech I've carried since I started... must resist that urge, as it's all boring). I'm torn between the Shiny and its baby brother. I would hold out for one of the new Treos, but I'm unsure as to how much of an improvement they'll actually be, and given some of the obvious quick wins that should have been in the 650, and the overlooked potential for design improvements, I'll give them a miss. Though now mobile tech is in my head. Give it an hour and it'll be gone.

Had a hankering to run Wraith. And the Batshit Insane Mage Game™ (link when I have time to find it). Fear my mighty brain.

More Artemis Hemingway soon. Dunno about the hook. Mummies with laser guns are an idea, but it feels too close to the last. I'd like to avoid time travel at least once. Might be time to introduce Thaddeus Q. Weetabix.

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