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I got to the pub around half eight. Three pints, a couple of nips, and plenty of conversation later, it was one and I was home. I didn't sleep until gone half three. My alarm went off at half seven.

How am I still awake?

Lots of things screaming through my brain. Still. I need to get them organised. I've meaent to update for days with things and stuff, but whenever I have the chance that's what everything reduces to. Two metasyntactic variables.

Oh, .ukians with televisions: The BBC's Life On Mars (the cheesy-looking one about the time-travelling cop) doesn't suck much at all. And it embodies what I've said for a while about the essence of detective stories not being a detective who can smell how many beans the killer had for breakfast from a single fart, but human interaction and strange links and psychology and intuition. It's not as good as Law and Order but it's definitely worth a watch.

Also, more of my stuff got published, in an "internet fanbook" kind of way. First thing I started writing, though I finished it after Lore (and etherlad should have kicked my head in about deadlines). A project I loved doing that I can share with the world. If only the other chapters were done so he could release the whole e-book. Link to WolfSpoor story.
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