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I have both our brains in my pocket, safeguarding hers from the rogue vacuum cleaners that roam the flat during the daylight hours. I didn't think it'd be a problem. Of course, I never think these things through. I should have taken the easy way out and shot the household robotics when I had the chance, before the electroweb gun got 0wned by a random autonomous advertisment. Either that, or I could have paranoia-guarded my radio-hearing. My mistake, really. But I can hear her brain and mine chirping in Bluetooth. I can't translate it, though I know they're both conspiring against us.

Our enhanced minds have outgrown their biology.



( 2 informants — We want information! )
Jan. 27th, 2006 11:31 pm (UTC)
That's a near-perfect opening sentence.

Surely "Pwned", though?   8^)
Jan. 28th, 2006 01:58 pm (UTC)
"Pwned" applies to a demonstration of greater skill in a computationally-based game of skill such as Quake N or whatever mod for Half Life is making teenagers ejaculate this month. The leading 'P' derives from these children's inability to distinguish between 'P'and 'O' in the heat of conflict.

"0wned" is what happens when some pathetic teenager takes total control of a system without the owner necessarily being aware. The leading '0' is much more 1337 than using an 'O'.
( 2 informants — We want information! )



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