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Wot I are done on my weekend

The Shiny arrived on Friday, for alues of arrived equal to "was in Leith post office". Fortunately I managed to pick it up before they closed. It's got a lot of useful stuff preloaded, which is nice, and I've stuck an ebook reader and LJ client on so far. Anyone with a recent Windows Mobile device care to recommend some software?

Other than that, Friday was spent in the pub and then at Fuzz. not as good as the first one, but still a decent night as far as these things go. Champions on Saturday followed by a quiet night in watching things with a home-cooked stir-fry. Been too long since I cooked anything, I really have to get back into the habit.

Today involved lunch, failing to see a film in favour of doing washing/ironing (what am I turning into?) and reading. I miraculously failed to burn things to DVD on account of forgetting how little hard disk space I have. Tonight will be spent seeing what the shore looks like at night.

The stories in my head have gone quiet for now, hunkered down in my hindbrain while they percolate. I'll let them out soon enough

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