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Not quite one-a-day yet...

So, Knuth came through for me. I need to get me a copy of "The Art of Computer Programming", but I don't have a spare ninety quid. Which is a pain as when you're of a mind they are truly beautifully written books. Of course, I don't have long to use them thanks to these fucking deadlines. Plural there. An assignment due in Thursday afternoon. One due in right after the break, and that's the painful one. Then the FYP. There's too much work going on now. I'm going to give up sleep for a couple of days, get this assignment done. That should be rather entertaining if nothing else. Back to the high-sugar times...

Otherwise, life's been just about silent. The probability of Kris coming over in May is tending towards one. Otherwise, things have been quiet. Knowing my life, that means a storm's about to break. I'm always the last to know of anything major involving my friends, which makes me think my life is a soap opera. It also makes me worry whenever things get too quiet, like they are now. I'm worried.

I don't know what else there is to update. The 80s game isn't going right now. My brain is refusing to fire. Bah. Bah, I say.

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