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Two more

Just two more hours and I'll be on 36 awake. If I pull an all nighter tonight as well there's a high chance I could manage 60. That'd be a decent second best for me. I'm not pushing for 90-odd again. That was too much. 60 I can manage. There's just moments in between the sugar and the caffeine kicking in when I can't think straight at all and end up twitching, unable to focus on anything for more than five seconds. But I can deal with that. It's all a matter of finding people to talk to, turning the bad part of being borderline into a good thing that can help with such a cause.

The AAI assignment doesn't look to be as bad as I first thought. I've got skeleton code, so I can do what I need to know now, or it certainly seems so. To have a deadline on the very first day back after the break is a mucho bitch. But I can deal. Speaking of the break, I have to head home for it. I can't afford not to. I hate thinking about money, I really, really do.

Still nothing going on to make me less pensive. I'm constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. I wish that was just the lack of sleep talking, I really do.

Other stuff... wisdom teeth are lacerating my cheek. Painkillers are needed for this. A couple of days from now it'll be back to being fine. For now, of course, it's pissing me off. I want to start swinging something heavy to hurt people just because I can.

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