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Keep on Going

The weekend is just about here. How did that happen?

The week itself wasn't the best. Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday saw me orking late, half an hour to an hour each day. Not much, but enough for me to be nice and knackered upon my return. Bah. Despite this, I've not been sleeping (being me). All of this has built up nicely towards a busy weekend that I almost don't want to happen.

Tonight: Must try to catch up with akicif and purplerabbits wrt Beltane stuff. Hopefully should get things donein a relatively short space of time. If not tonight then tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday: Day is quiet. Hopefully spent doing ten percent of fuck-all serious. Feast in evening, followed by Gigantor.

Sunday: Beltane org meet followed by the open meeting. Followed by Neon.

At least I can sleep Monday and Tuesday. Mmm, sleep. I almost feel like I'm on a contract, the amount that's piling up in my schedule. Now there's a thought...


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Feb. 10th, 2006 05:06 pm (UTC)
Can't make tomorrow afternoon: doing the stewardy thing at Tynecastle. Could maybe make a licensed premise at some point this evening, but would need to be sooner rather than later. For various reasons, post-work beer would be good, and I really ought to be home not that long after nine. Oh, and "keyboard"....
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