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Ahhh, the glories of a day off with another to follow. A wonderful, wonderful way to spend time.

Weekend was notably crammed. Spent Saturday doing very little (the Lego Star Wars video game of all things... shoot me now) pre-Feast and then rushing to get ready for eating lots of food etc. Gigantor afterwards was fantastic. I haven't danced that much since Doom in Munich, and my legs are still twinging. As things should be, I think.

Spent yesterday at the Beltane org meeting and then the open meeting. I caught the foul whiff of drama (or politics, the difference is hard to spot) in the air, but so far I'm trying to keep the fuck away from it. Six recruits so far. Have to remember that there weren't any stewards at all this time last year. The after-meeting drinks were in the Filmhouse, and I'm sure we should have lynched whoever came up with that plan. A place that looks like a wine bar, vastly overcrowded, and expensive. And unfortunately just as stuffy and closed in as the place the meeting was in. Bailed around half eight, was a muppet, and by the time I got home decided against going to Neon and making my pounding headache any worse. Oh well.

As noted, today and tomorrow off work. This is a good thing. Spent the morning sleeping and the early afternoon wandering around the writer's museum and several bookshops. I do need a large card before I go back to Princes Street: "Begone, dayglow scum! I have no need of your foul wares, nor of your incessant questioning. Waste someone else's oxygen." It just takes so long to say...

Time to bug Ethan for another contract, I think. I can't stress myself to death by halves, now. That'd just be wrong.
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