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The one-year not-a-thing went well. Voices of Masada were great, and it's not every day that one goes out to a club with the band after a gig... though I'm already impatient for the weekend and Gigantor, and it's not even Tuesday.

Flat has been notably quiet without horza. Unfortunately, it hasn't been mysteriously tidied and there's been no washing-up fairy paying us a visit. I don't have time at the best of times, but it needs doing sooner rather than later. As does shifting the crap from my carpet. At least I managed to wash clothes this weekend.

The Shiny!'s number transfer has gone through. Those few of you who had a weird number for me when I started using it to call you should find that it no longer crops up (still to be tested, but With Any Luck™...). Anyone who realises that they need/want my number but doesn't have it should let me know.

First Torchie/Steward meeting yesterday went well. Despite random panicking at points leading up to this, we had a good turn-out — and that's with me forgetting to do anything to warn the stewards, fool that I am. Next time we should see more numbers. Those of you on here who want to Steward for Beltane this year: Remind me.

I get the feeling that I'm going to spend money on computer-y bits soon. As soon as I fix the damn 'don't have shit to pay with' situation. Keyboard, monitor, and hard drive. Then I can really get things working.

Speaking of working, I need to write more. A hell of a lot more. I get the feeling that lunchtimes may see a fair bit of it, if only because they've put BBC News 24 back on the big screens rather than some self-promoting wank. I can think with the news on in the background, it's a mental catalyst. So much to write, so little time (because of having a job and stuff).

I've just seen a Smart drive past the window here. Now, before this point I'd only ever seen them in trafic jams in the centre of Munich, and very occasionally in a car park over here in .uk. I'd never seen one actually driving, let alone one going about 30mph. Buggering hell, but they look like they'll fall over when the driver farts. A tiny unstable plastic box that thinks it can move... to my driver's mind, that's just too surreal.

And in one last note: Panic attacks along the lines of "The alarm goes off in a couple of minutes! Aaargh!" are not constructive and should not happen. Are you listening, subconscious mind? Good.
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