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Lots of random stuff.

Reading a flamewar on a typography blog, I have to wonder why anyone does the "Two spaces after a full stop" thing. I know that nobody ever taught me it when learning to type in the 80s, and some sources make me think that i's a strictly American thing. Given the vast array of arguments against and the only arguments for being foolish[0], I have to wonder why the whole thing started. Single-space adds readability, and if you're not writing to be read then why do you bother?

The more I see about the new interface for Office 2007, the more I like it. There's serious usability research behind what they've done, and the number of arguments against are again misinformed or based on tradition. When it comes to ease-of-use I must admit to being very tempted. Doubly so given that OpenOffice, in its hurry to clone MS, has implemented a fair few interface blunders that the new UI is designed to do away with. The thing is, apart from the "Ewww! Micro$oft!" arguments, I'm finding less to complain about than I have in recent years. I suspect that I'm just getting old, and that too long away from Linux has addled my brain.

I need to hack some things on the Shiny. The app strip on the Today screen is (as far as I can tell) uncustomisable, which is painful, and as mentioned the SMS interface is (to me) clunky at best. Damn these stupidly expensive development tools.

In a related note, damn Microsoft's naming cinventions. I'm still wrapping my head around ASP not being a programming language but a style of coding in a couple of languages, then they say "You can write your apps in C#, VB.Net, or ASP.Net." For the love of fuck! This deliberate obfuscation is getting in the way of me learning ho to hack things and is filling my head with meaningless marketriod buzzwords. COM was bad enough... If only the company's OSen came with useful programming tools. But then people could learn Perl or Ruby for free! They could use what they know without paying the M$ Marketroids for a re-hashed "Programming for retards and howler monkies" course that fills them with buzzword shite and gets them used to shelling out one bollock and a inch off the cock before they can program anything.

I've typed this all so far on the Shiny's internal keyboard. If this was still the Treo, my thumbs would be dropping off by now. I could do with an external one simply for typing confidence when I'm not in my flat but have something to lean on, but it's no longer essential for everything over a couple of screens of text.

Speaking of which, I'm flogging the Treo. Slight cosmetic damage to the casing, some wear to the casing (I've used it every day for the past 22 months or so), charger, keyboard (connector, not Bluetooth), 128MB SD card, and manual. Phone is quad-band, GPRS but no Bluetooth or WiFi. If I can find the CD I'll bung that in, if not I'll burn you one with the commection software on it. It's Orange-locked so probably fuck-all use outside the UK (but I could be wrong). Would suit someone looking for a cheap PDA phone. I'll go so far as writing a quick-use guide, as (as we all know) documentation of these things is a pile of badly-written suck. Looking for offers around thirty, thirty-five notes the lot, or equivalent relative value in trade. If you want it, leave a comment with what you're offering.

In non-computer news, how about some Geek Media?

Saw Good Night and Good Luck. I was impressed, I have to say. Shot entirely in black and white, it borrowed a lot of pacing and stylistic bits from television of the era. While that makes it seem stilted or slow to some, I found it a refreshing change. There's little by way of actual tension or suspense, but the presentation (a review of Murrow's work in television) means that it doesn't warrant much actual drama. Looking at it as a dramatised docmentary makes more sense to my mind. The film conveys both the story and the message clearly, without belaboringthe point. Being interested in the role of the media and journalism, I was damn happy, but I can see how people wanting some more drama or faster pacing might be put off.

Paper-wise, Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers is coming to a close. Initial thoughts are that I'd happily use the books to illustrate some Mage concepts. Klarion, Guardian, and Mister Miracle illustrate Awakenings, while Zatanna is a perfect Seeking. Favourite of the bunch is Mister Miracle, though I doubt I'll be able to articulate why for a while. For now I’ll go with it being a fantastic initiation story with massive scope that has little to do with the overarching plot.

[0]: "It helps mark the end of a sentence." So does a capital letter. And the general writing style of anyone intelligent.
"Thousands of people won't change because it's what they know." Neither ignorance nor tradition have ever been an excuse.
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