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So, I'm back at home. Two weeks of no rent, no gas bills, no electricity bills, no paying for food and no bugger being around. All but the latter are the reasons I'm here. Of course, the other reason is my brother's damn grillfiend[1], but more on those later.

Fortunately, there are other good points to being here. Fortunately, as I've got a lot of work to do and my parents are busy doing Other Things(tm) like painting the kitchen (again), I've sequestered myself in the front room, with the cable remote. Makes a major difference from the usual habit of me not seeing the telly remote for the time I'm home. Also, I've found the dead-trees of my System Shock game, and I'm working on adding more to that and possibly maybe typing it up. There's also the advantage that my dad has been waiting for me to come back for to get a couple of bottles of semi-decent red wine drank. Without me there, there's nobody to help him drink the stuff and it's not worth it. With me there, we can put away a fair amount. And of course, someone needs to drink the stores of Stoli and Baileys, which my brother's been too ill to consume. So at least there's a chance of me getting through the two weeks happily pickled and working. Which is fine by me. That and I get to cook five or six times, which I honestly have no problems with. The parentals are supplying the food, but to ease the burden on them I'm cooking. I've discovered I secretly enjoy making food (yes Marveen, I even make it now, rather than just defrosting ;)).

Of course, there are bad things. For one, the aforementioned grillfiend, the smug moo that's never had a fiscal worry in her life thanks to rich parents and thus can fuck around all day not worrying about having to pay for anything and making those snide little "I know it's none of my business but..." comments whenever she comes into contact with me. Of course, since last time she uttered this my response was to cut her off with "Bollocks you do. Start learning that `none of your fucking business' means `you keep your damn gob shut'." she's avoided me. Thankfully. I may end up cooking for her a few times when I'm back, so maybe I can poison her. That's an interesting thought, there... Duck in aspic for the rest of us, duck in arsenic for her. Muahahahaha.

That, and being my parents' gofer. Since I'm the only one living here that doesn't have a job, I'm the one expected to do little things like getting a newspaper. With my own money, of course. Not like I'm living on a loan when everyone else is getting given fucking money, oh no. I've obviously got money to waste on a newspaper. And on snack foods, but see my prior rant on snacking here, and add that my stash of ramen is empty now. So I'm borrowing spare cash from my sources to finance snacking opportunities. How I'm going to get stoned here is beyond me. Fuckeration.

Random thought wise: By the end of this vacation, etherlad should be able to get back to me with feedback on the full version of my mad, beautiful idea. Because I am a sexy, funky devil.

I've had a bottle and a half of a particularly nice cabernet-sauvignon, a fair amount of chocolate, and having got through "Back to the Future", now have "Confessions of a Holiday Camp" on TV. Things could be much worse.

Beard situation? Clean shaven and twice as sexy! Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.

[1]: No, this is not a tyop. It's the only way to put it.

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