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Treo for Sale

Since people probably missed it between the typography and UI ranting in the last post...

I'm flogging the Treo 600. Slight cosmetic damage to the casing, some wear to the casing (I've used it every day for the past 22 months or so), charger, synch cable, keyboard (connector, not Bluetooth), 128MB SD card, and manual. Phone is quad-band, GPRS but no Bluetooth or WiFi. If I can find the CD I'll bung that in, if not I'll burn you one with the commection software on it. It's SIM-locked to Orange so probably fuck-all use to buyers outside the UK (but I could be wrong). I'm not selling an active SIM with it, so you'll have to arrange something with Orange or unlock the phone yourself.

Would suit someone looking for a cheap PDA phone. I'll go so far as writing a quick-use guide if you want, as (as we all know) documentation of these things is a pile of badly-written suck.

Looking for offers around thirty, thirty-five notes the lot if you insist on cash, or equivalent relative value in trade[0] (preferable). If you want it, leave a comment with what you're offering. Buyer supplies postage if required.

[0]: As in, offer me something you think I'd want as much as you want the phone.
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