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Once more, I find myself recruiting from the locals on my flist.

Beltane Fire Society's 19th torchlit procession is gearing up for this Beltane. Most of the groups are filling up nicely, and everything's full steam ahead.

Only one problem: We need more stewards, because without them we can't have the procession. The event itself is on Beltane night (30th April), processing around Calton Hill from the Acropolis. Stewards help keep the crowd safe, make sure that everyone has a good view (incidentally getting a great view thmselves), and make sure that the procession runs smoothly.

Why would you want to be a steward?
  • Front-row seats for all the fun stuff
  • Basic training in non-physical crowd control — no experience required (also helps getting through crowds on Princes St.)
  • You can find out what it's like to be on the other side of the fence, without investing the same amount of time as many performers need
  • It's a chance to get to know people who can introduce you to the other groups, so you have an in for the next Beltane
  • It's a hell of a lot of fun
What do you need in order to be a steward?
  • You need a grand total of no experience
  • You have to be able to talk to the public
  • You have to attend some meetings/training sessions (Sunday afternoons: 2-4, Wednesday nights: 7-9). These are usually on Calton Hill, followed by some discussion in a nearby hostelry.
  • You have to attend a health and safety briefing, and two dry-runs of the event (one a week before, one on the day)
Interested? E-mail digitalraven{at}gmail{dot}com and I'll be in touch.

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