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Cold Sun

Damn, I'm knackered. I think the only way I'm standing is thanks to the able assistance of Ian Bru and Charles Offee. On the other hand, it's worth it.

Haven't done any of my listed todo yet, but that should change tonight, I hope. Haven't sat in front of a real computer for any length of time away from ork since Monday pre-organisers meet. Which is why I haven't really done anything online. On the other hand, offline's been damn good.

Up on the hill for training last night. First time we've walked the route properly, interleaving the groups and splitting to surround the points etc. The first time, and we're with White. I must admit to being rather worried as we approached Air Point, but bugger me if we didn't manage it with style. For a first time around, it was bloody marvellous. Hence today I'm still psyched about the whole thing. If we keep up this level of excellence then the night will be no bother at all.

It could be the tiredness coupled with the general relief after last night or it could be a whole range of other things, but today just strikes me as a beautiful day. The sun's shining here in the Arse End of Nowhere™, but there's just enough of a cool breeze to keep that edge in, a little reminder that "I don't care what you think, human. I could snow on you any time I wanted." Standing outside with a cigarette and the sun on my back, phoning home as it's my grandmother's birthday, life feels good. Reminds me of when I'd finally got settled in Germany, and for the first time in months everything eased back. Back then, I finally realised that I didn't hate everything. Today's one of those days, when everything just slides away with the sunlight. Which is nice.
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