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Been Quiet

Been a while. Then agan, it's been a while since I was in front of a real computer at all. So, what's happened? My time is being eaten by things. Wednesday was up on the hill, with the White Women. Torchies and Stewards both were fantastic. There were general expressions of surprise that this was the first time we'd done the point formations, which was nice.

Thursday, I was knackered, and thus elected to do some online buying of gadgets, an abortive start to an idea (which figg since gave me some random things to expand it). I may also have ranted aloud about busses. I then proceeded to sleep copiously.

Friday involved a runthrough of stewarding C&C procedure and a pint in KJ's, followed by a party at nickys' place.

Saturday involved a slow wander down Leith Walk in the sunshine, tea in Monster Mash, then a stroll across the Meadows to retrieve my brain from Nicky's. The bluetooth keyboard for the brain had showed up, so I had a minor geekgasm, then sleep and Gigantor then more sleep.

Today has been spent wandering around the Hill again, and generally seeing the Torchies and Stewards being bloody marvellous.

And now, dinner.




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