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My Robot Brain Needs Bru.

The bloody time changeover should come with a Bank Holiday Monday afterwards to soften the blow. Even with all the sleep yesterday I'm still not up to full speed. Worse was being an hour down on the day of the smoking ban[0], and finding myself jonesing for a post-prandial cigarette without the energy to move having just consumed a large plate of meat, meat, meat, meat, mushrooms, and chips. Bah. This general tiredness leads to me needing to vent spleen.

But barring my addiction-related discomfort, and the tiredness, I'm good. A third of the way through with the next Hemingway, with more and more random ideas firing. I think I want to run both a Wraith game and a Mage game after Beltane... the Mage game may well be the New Awakening that I've thrown out some notes on. Either that, or a Forsaken game because everything I read and write for that line gives me ideas. Oh, for the time to do any of them.

Speaking of gaming, Compulsion (the Edinburgh University gaming convention) was this weekend. I didn't go, for several reasons. One being that I can't stand the company of a certain breed of gamer for too long. This being the breed that lives for roleplaying and conventions, and is frequently incapable of conversation about anything else. Fortunately, the Wednesday crowd are usually free of this particular social disease (that's why I haven't killed any of them with a crowbar yet), but many of the ones I bumped into at the last Compulsion were. Worse, I remember there being fuck-all to do. Pick-up games don't work for me unless I'm running them (and with Beltane going on there was no chance of that) and there's only so long I can stand around chatting to other minor industry types until I get bored. Getting bored leads to me introducing myself to both the bar and a few very large drinks to make the pain go away, and I can do both the industry-talking and the drinking without paying a con entrance fee. There were also gamers at Gigantor, though fortunately most of those I mention above have never spent long in non-gamer company, and thus managed to be thoroughly obvious through dress alone.

Having slagged off clocks, the smoking ban, and (some) gamers, I think I might be through. Tonight I are at a Beltane org meeting, then sorting some stuff out and either writing more or doing more of that sleep thing. We shall see. Probably sleep. The problem with writing right now is that I find something I want to write about, then remember that it'd fit in with an old idea. So I add it to the to-do pile, but forget half the thingss from the old to-do pile, and thus never have a completed list and spend too long worrying about lists and what I need to finish that I rarely get things done these days. Blargh.

[0]: Which exists to save the poor little lungs of people who make their money vending metabolic poisons engineered to scam as much filthy lucre out of ingestees as possible. And also persecutes those vendors who smoke. And is another example of the government being fucking stupid. If it really wanted to hurt smokers, it would make tobacco an illegal substance. It hasn't, because the tobacco industry is too powerful. So they don't want to save the lungs of poison-vendors too much...</rant>
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