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Liff-changing Decisions

And such.

But first, more of the wars. Having been walking backwards around the hill, I managed to fall back over a rock. Unfortunately, this lead to me landing on my right wrist. Which is still being annoying and painful. So in addition to the chest infection, I've not only got a buggered back but a buggered wrist as well. Fucking cretin am I, or what?

Though the whole hacking cough with added razorblades and so on did give me the impetus to do something: I quit smoking. Dunno how long I'll last at it, but in the meantime I at least want to avoid the whole "lungs full of pain". If I start again before Beltane, stop me. If I start again after Betane, I won't be smoking too much but I'll be on a contract and for the duration I don't expect that I'll be able to remain totally off the fags. But until Beltane, no more smokes at all. Then, we see.

Fuck. Rambling. Not all here in my head tonight. Might still be a bit of that thing. Dizzy. That's the one. Oh well.



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Apr. 3rd, 2006 05:07 am (UTC)
Keep sucking it up (the absence of ciggies, not the lungfoam and other assorted expectorant-waste) and you'll feel better eventually. Really.

It's like going to the gym most days despite the fact that my knees and back ache like fuck!

Followed by a drink and a smoke when I get home.

Wait, don't listen to me.
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