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Wrist's got a mild sprain, which I take as meaning "keep chomping painkillers and work through it all because you can still type and can't afford any more time off".

My brain's died again. Didn't realise that I wouldn't be able to charge it last night. The ~30 hour battery life for my use profile isn't exactly perfect, but I just need to remember to charge the verdamned thing. And to carry a fucking charger everywhere I go...

Needless to say, this means I won't be contactable until I get to a real, non-work computer (and then only for e-mail). This could be a while, because tonight I'm building the Fire Arch from 5 (so I leave early and bounce off home precisely long enough to get steeltoes and an adjustable spanner), I have no idea when that'll end or much of anything else beyond that. I'll probably get sorted tonight, but there's a very real chance I won't have time and will have to rely on remembering to grab the charger when I bounce off my flat again.

To be honest, I just want it to be Friday so I don't have to work and can get on with the important stuff. Like starting this new fucking contract.
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