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It was fantastic. I can't see.

Walkthrough today. First of the two big ones before Beltane. That's the one that's a week today. ed.uk folks who aren't involved, make sure you have tickets.

Fire Arch couldn't get brought to the Hill (which is a pity as I only found out when I was halfway to meet the van. On Lady Lawson Street, a fair way across town away from the Hill. Production did tell me I could hit other things with spanners, so I was still on the hill at a quarter past ten.

Let me repeat that. A quarter past ten. On a Sunday morning.

So we built the stage (first time that's been there in time for the walkthrough) and I met some more stewards who I've been talking to but haven't yet seen in person. There was a pan-Beltane name game & round of "My Name Is Joe" (not "My Name Is Jack"). The walkthrough itself kicked off around two. We finished early, which was good, and the only downer was that my radio ran out of battery about halfway around. For those who saw me and didn't know why I looked like I was piloting Airwolf, it was the radio. I was glad of the sound-deadening cans, though. After a confab and a wee debrief, I went to the H&S afterwards.

I have been on my feet (FSVO, the Bongo Club floor isn't exactly comfortable or easy on the legs) for about seven and a half hours. In the sun for the majority — I have colour on my arms and face to prove it — building stages and walking around the Hill. Fresh air and everything coming together. It was great. I feel fantastic. But I ain't sure I can feel my legs below the knee any more.

And for added foot-punishent, I'm breaking in my new Docs at work tomorrow. Woo and yay.

Beltane is going to kick a lot of arse. That's why I'm so stressed about it.



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Apr. 23rd, 2006 08:28 pm (UTC)
We will indeed. Rock. I picked up steward paint at the H&S along with torchies, and will keep charge of it till the day.

And yeah, my feets hurt too...
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