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Bank holiday yesterday (joys of Whitsuntide, none of this colonial crap). This is good, as working where I do I get the day off. I didn't sleep in too much thanks to the weekend of sleeping, but I did find myself at Asda. A real fucking supermarket, instead of the fucking mini-Tescos that are polluting most streets. Owned by Mall*Wart it may be, but Asda at least stocks a full range of products. Tesco don't do this. They open "Express" places where you can't get a proper trolley for love nor money, and target the crap out of them. Which is great if you want what they think you do, but for me — who often only works out what he wants when he sees it — the variety of a real supermarket wins every time. Fuck, at this rate I'm going to turn into the kind of snob who shops at Sainsburys.

There's still no such thing as Asda Value Guns. Nor did anyone tell me that they had a wok[0]. I feel somewhat cheated.

Back to $ORK today. Almost fell asleep on the bus home. Haven't felt this tired in a long time. Realised that I've been there 14 months. That's the same length of time as I've spent in my last two jobs. Maybe that's why I'm feeling restless[1]. Maybe.

[0]: $DEITY[rnd()], that post's from 2003. Now, I feel old.
[1]: That being the sum total of information I'm willing to make public.
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