Digital Raven (digitalraven) wrote,
Digital Raven

Well Spent

I've not written a word (excepting this entry) all weekend. It's a very strange feeling, and I'm not at all sure that I like it.

Friday was the beer festival. I was glad of a chance to reacquaint myself with a number of old friends from Orkney and the Cairngorms, as well as making a wide range of new friends. The Warlock Stout is someone I'm going to look out for in future, as is The 45 Wee Heavy (though whether to greet or avoid, I'm not yet sure). It was a rather excellent night.

Saturday was spent in bed, then picking up some Ex Machina[0]. It's interesting stuff, and I'll definitely be looking out for more. Speaking of which, new Fables soon-ish, and a new Powers not long after that. The joys of collecting a series by trades. And hell, I might even see the end of Seven Soldiers by 2012....

The remains of Saturday involved The Satan Pit — pretty bloody good, but Tennant's Doctor strikes me as being slower on the uptake than many, especially when working things out. And the whole "ignore the chance that you might find the TARDIS" and the following deus ex really struck me as silly. But then, what should I have expected? gominokouhai invited me to the Mish, but I was already asleep. I'm turning into an old man.

Today saw me meeting yet another of these creatures from the strange land of St. Andrews, this one looking like Shakespeare with a bald spot and going by the name of The Great Unlayable. Which was somewhat interesting, and from there straight to North Berwick, which was moreso. Sun! Sea! Sand! More sun! Beach! Just the kind of relaxing Thing to Show it's a Weekend that I've been needing for a while now.

[0]: The comic, not the band.
Tags: relaxation

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