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Catching up

Hull was... hot. Really fucking hot. Hotter than that. No, really, really hot. 30 degrees or more. Keep that in mind.

Arrived just after lunchtime Saturday. We spent the afternoon doing introductions and watching the damn football[0]. Once that mess was finally over, I was introduced to a bunch of people who I'd never met before. See, I had a reason for going down south this time. It was my dad's 50th birthday. There was lots of talking, general bullshitting, and some amount of drinking. Things got underway around seven (after the football), and I think the last guests left about half midnight. Despite nearly gnawing my own arm off with hunger and a killer need to sleep, things went reasonably well.

Spent Sunday asleep, then wandering around Hull itself. The Marina got us some fresh air, and then a wander around the museum quarter[1] and the Streetlife Museum. From there on to the White Hart for something cold, though it was too hot to sit inside. Fortunately, the beer garden there is a very nice place to sit and relax. Princes Quay was a required visit for us as it's got air conditioning and shade both. From there, back to a (vegetarian) dinner and then the train home.

Today's been one of those days. I think I need to do some writing. Or work out how to get a workable GameOS install on my damn desktop.[3] Or find a place that'll do me a t-shirt based on this icon.

[0]: I'll watch it, and thanks to having the family that I do I'm at least able to swear at the ref in the correct places, but it doesn't hold a candle to real sports.
[1]: Four museums is not a quarter. In fact, it's four fucking museums. I know that it's hard to remember that Hull has any fucking history beyond chavs drinking White Strike[2] and getting each other pregnant, or ex-chav wankers vomiting on their suits and the streets in the Old Town come closing time.
[2]: Cheaper drain cleaner than White Lightning! Only in Hull...
[3]: Not a chance. Vista hates me, I have no XP install media (and everything I can find online isn't working), and 2K is too old to be useful (VS Express doesn't like it). One day I'll get things to a working state, then leave them the hell alone[4].
[4]: One day I'll believe that.
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