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Calming back down

I feel old.

The week was spent in a daze, as rushing home and back last weekend knocked me spark out. It took a lot of work to get back to feeling semi-alive, and then the first part of the Gordon's Alive redlines hit and I was fored to curl up in the foetal position, cowering. Friday night was redeemed by Yarr! of the highest order. Looking forwards to seeing Keef in the third one (though I fear as always that it'll be a disappointment). The film also gave me a chance to see the Snakes on a Plane trailer. Despite all the fan-generated hype, the trailer isn't yet much. The film is going to have to work hard to get past that first impression...

I used Saturday to catch up on my sleep. Twelve hours of the damn stuff, though that left me groggy as all hell. Pottered around town, wandered back via a rather nice place that served me a quadruple-espresso and sat down to redlines. Watched Doomsday. Just about spoiler free capsule review: a typical RTD season finale, though some of the bickering was funny. Certainly not bad, but not up to the high-points of either series. Can we please get some one with some real talent to start writing the key points of the series now?

The real reason for feeling old came afterwards. Poleaxed from grogginess and caffeine crash, we found ourselevs flicking through the Ikea website. In between trying to find the solid-wood bookcase and bathroom storage solution that defines who I am as a person, we took the piss. Mercilessly. For more than an hour. This is all I had the energy to do. I'd have hit Ascension or the pub, but I was spark-out. Ended the day by watching Resident Evil, and finding myself with an urge to play some form of video game.

Today, I'm a lot more awake. Breakfast in pub, then a spot of wandering up the friendly mountain in the back garden. Vast overheating ensued. Now, I'm sat with my feet up and a glass bottle of cold Bru, taking things well and truly easy. I've had worse weekends, for certain.

Triumphant Return to the Pub (if only to collect pint from Charlie) will happen when I don't have redlines or other things sapping my will to do anything.



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Jul. 9th, 2006 06:15 pm (UTC)
IKEA isn't half as fun when you don't get their labels. Honestly. Who the hell would buy a lamp called 'darkness'? (well, me, but im foreign and weird. The actual answer is, people who cant read what it says.)

Jul. 10th, 2006 07:57 pm (UTC)
Ivar, Ivar, ivar
solid wood shelves, can attest to gaming book carrying capabilties of the little shelves, hugely flexiable has now adorned 6 seperate rooms in various shapes with aplomb and I can unload my unused spars upon you
comes with cupboards and shelves as well, though nowhere as many nifty addons as it used to (sigh)
and try buying a kitchen for defining yourself through furniture, i was real person once not a catalogue junkie, sob
( 2 informants — We want information! )



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