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Work today was fine in its own way, but tonight I find myself feeling restless again. Half an hour wasted playing video games, another half hunting for a DVD that's gone missing but that I don't even need. Wasting time before I have to sit down to redlines, I suppose, but it's still very annoying. Worse when I've got stories I need to finish and post. I should be using the time for working on them, not fucking around like a lemon. I should also be remembering mad futuristic dreams with utility-fog enhanced detectives.

Someone on appears to have finally got to my chapters of SotUK. I freely admit that my bit about a Thatcherite setting was wearing my politics on its sleeve. I had to rewrite three times to get a useable setting from it, rather than just a stream of vitriol and bile about the bitch. I also admit that I was doing like Wood, and mostly writing places I know: This is why Stoke has two werewolf packs, the Pure hooligans follow Man City, and a pack is defending Hull from the things in the North Sea (no, I don't know why). Nobody's claimed that my "How to run British horror" section was patronising or crap even though I didn't mention John Wyndham. I'm getting good vibes. Now where the fuck are my author's copies?

Apologies to people who idle here waiting for ideas or stories. I know you've had nothing for a while, but there are stories in the works — two at present — and when my head's together again I'll likely start being interesting again in a way that isn't ranting about work.
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