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I'm on the hunt for box-space at present. This lead to me clearing out The Box.

This box deserves the capitals. It was the one thing I knew was underneath my bed during my first year at uni. Since then, it's sat atop my wooden bookshelf or languished with all the rest of my stuff in the garage at my parents'. It used to hold whatever my mum or I thought were important documents, but grew into a void where I'd stick things "So I'd remember" or "Just in case". Being a bit bent out of shape, I ended up sticking a bunch of other things in there as well. Some examples, as I've been going through.
  • Certificates of my karate belts[0]. The earliest dates from 1993, the latest 1996. That's thirteen fucking years ago. Wow. I'm keeping those around, not only because I want to start again but because I want my belts to be old enough to go drinking with me.
  • Three envelopes of stuff Staffordshire Uni sent me. Forms for student loan application, information leaflets about living in halls and the student medical service. Lots of leaflets from my first Freshers' Fair, all for societies that lasted precisely two months. Myth was one of the few that made it past that.
  • Old payslips from just before I went to uni.
  • Two copies of Q, dated April 1999 and September 1999. The latter had a cover-splash of Shirley Manson, when she was hot and Garbage were a popular band.
  • One copy of PC Zone, dated November 1999. I have no idea why I deemed this significant enough to keep.
  • A bunch of photographs of sunsets. A reel and a half of film at least.
  • A broken scalextrix car, from when we had that track in the second year.
  • Ammo for my BB gun, from when we had gunfights in the second year.
  • A bunch of fanfold dot matric papaer. That weird size that's not A4 and not A3. Stained with coffee and curry from when I used to use it as a general on-desk scratchpad. The top sheet still has some of my stream-of-thought equations relating to multiplicative inverses in GF(28).
  • A paper diary from 1999. Filled in with reminders from when I was in sixth form. Blank from the day I started university.
  • The Evil Story of Doctor Bastard, and Quest for the Mystic Lost Videotape of Death, in hardcopy form.
The nostalgia is strong in me today.

Of course, now most of that's gone, so that I may one day have enoug bloody boxes...

[0]: Freestyle, based mostly on shotokan. Belt progression, for comparison with other belted martial arts: yellow - orange - green I - green II - blue I - blue II - purple - brown I (I was here when I stopped) - brown II - brown III - black

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