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I thought I was through with early mornings. Apparently not. Never again do I go to bed at a measly half one. I end up waking up far too early without intervention from my alarm. Still. Have coffee. Coffee is keeping me alive. One of the things I don't want is to head into Uni. Not right now. Assignment handout day, and I've just checked my mail and found out that my project has been rejected. Thanks a focking lot... now I have to go bitch at someone. Just because it's not Yet Another Fucking Web Page does not mean that it is's unsuitable as a project. Think again. There is more to the wonderful world of computing than databases and ASP web pages. I might just have to demonstrate this in my own inimitable fashion, by cheerfully punching dissenters in the throat and stomping on their genitals until the uneducated swine finally realise that I speak the Truth.

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